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Support Consulting

Deciding that your business needs digitalization is just the first step. The next steps are elaborating on the right strategy and roadmap for software releases or purchases, deciding on the best matching programming languages and frameworks, and finally the maintenance of resulted infrastructure.

At Filin Solutions we can help you:

  • Compare what to launch first - a web app or a mobile app.

  • Test the performance of your current software and advise on improvements.

  • Decide what programming languages would suit best the development of inventory software, e-commerce platforms, healthcare software and telemedicine apps, social apps and advertisements, and banking and insurance apps.

  • Match your budget for a mobile app to the best native or cross-platform or hybrid platform.

  • Run the upgrades of your applications.

  • Find the software to improve internal operations, and decide on the license model.

  • Elaborate on a maintenance scheme of the existing software.

Interested in something not mentioned above? Simply contact us for more details.

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