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Embedded Development

Embedded development is specific expertise in software development services and we pride ourselves on having it under our roof. 

Embedded software differs from all other applications by the type of devices it makes operate. These are not just standard laptops and mobile phones - embedded programming builds the logic of machines, robotics, surgery instruments, healthcare toolkits, smart home systems, media streaming devices, etc.

Today's embedded developers don't need to have a solid technical background in machinery or electrical engineering, but they still need to understand the hardware they're working with. Due to the diversity of this hardware, the profession of an embedded developer and the languages used in it are also varied. 

To work directly with the hardware embedded software can be developed with 

  • C++

  • C

  • Assembly

  • Rust

Additional scenarios (like adding an operating system) for embedded soft can be covered by:

  • Python​

  • C#

  • Ruby.

Filin Solutions' competence currently covers C++, C, and Python, and we're constantly exploring the market to meet the most sophisticated requests.​

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