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Web Development

Web development is often perceived as the creation of websites. However, the phrase encompasses a greater choice of options. It can be explained as the creation of websites AND apps that open in web browsers. Some definitions also include the implementation of Content Management Systems and databases.

All that we see on the website or web app, like buttons, questionnaires, drop-down menus, pop-ups, etc., is the responsibility of front-end developers: how the visual elements look for us. To write the code showing all that these, developers master programming languages like HTML, and CSS, and use frameworks like React, Angular.js, Bootstrap, and Blackbone to make the development process easier.

The logic of when all the elements appear or trigger the functions of other elements is built by back-end developers with knowledge of servers, databases (MySQL, Oracle), and specific programming languages like PHP, Python, Java, .NET, and Node.js.

Of course, bringing a website or a web app to life requires the participation of other professionals like business analysts to collect requirements, UI/UX designers to visualize the future results, and quality assurance engineers to make sure each element functions as intended.

Our skilled experts will advise you on the best approach to develop your efficient on top of trends

  • website

  • web app

  • e-commerce site.

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