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Customer: A startup that originated from the idea to help people improve self-perception, work-and-life balance, and communication fears to be less impacted by constantly changing and stressful work & social environment.

Business Challenge:​ The company had only some wireframes of their idea with an initial business plan and ICP image, which they expected to update & correct upon first clients’ feedback. They wanted an MVP mobile application, that can be shown to investors and scaled after they get funds to expand the business.

Mental Health Application

Industry: Health and Wellness

Technologies: Native mobile, Go, JavaScript


Filin Solutions created the backlog of the functionality expected in the application and helped the customer to filter the core features for the MVP version, which would be enough for the proof of concept and fully reveal the business mission.

We proposed to the customer two design concepts to choose from and one of them totally matched his vision.

For the responsive and not overloaded UI, we used Compose for the Android version and SwiftUI for the iOS app. Back-end our team implemented on Go.

The marathons and daily tasks are suggested to the users by the app based on their current situation and mindset, though users can also choose some on their own. The app kindly reminds users to progress daily on their tasks and shows some inspiring tips for the day.

Filin Solutions also created a simple admin panel, so that the customer’s employees can easily add new tasks and marathons for the users themselves.


The customer is happy with the launched application, already returned to us to test some subscription models and implement users’ feedback.


Kotlin, Coroutines, MVI, Compose, SwiftUI, Swift, Firebase, JavaScript, Typescript.

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