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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is one of the main pillars of fully performing user-friendly fast-loading software - a guarantee that after the user downloads the app because of how it looks he'll also decide to stay further using it because of how smoothly it functions: all the bugs and errors were found and eliminated before they could impact user's experience.

As a part of the full-cycle software development process or as a separate service you can count on us during the in-depth review of your app via:

  • Functional (or manual) testing - our quality assurance engineer acts as the most demanding user, making sure all the functionality acts as expected.

  • Automation Testing - our QAs run scripts that check the performance of your app on various platforms in parallel, validating the debugging results or code changes.

  • Stress Testing - will your app continue performing when used by 10,000 users at the same time? or million? depending on the target amount of users we'll indicate at which load crashes and errors start to decide, whether architecture should be improved.

  • Regression Testing - how often do you add new features to the core functionality of the app? will it ruin the existing logic? which code chain should be refactored in this case?

  • UI/UX Testing - even the position of the button at the top of the screen instead of the bottom may be inconvenient for a user; our UI/UX testers examine the navigation, accessibility, and easiness of usage of the apps.

Contact us to discuss how to validate your web, mobile, or embedded software.​

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