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Mentat Ai

Customer: Our client, a forward-thinking mental health startup, aspired to revolutionize the mental wellness landscape. They aimed to provide individuals with accessible, personalized, and AI-driven support to prioritize their mental health. 

Business Challenge:​ The client faced the formidable task of developing a mobile application that would serve as a personal mental health companion, offering an array of features to support users in their pursuit of mental wellness. 

Industry: Health and Fitness

Technologies: Flutter, Go, Open AI


Our software development team embarked on a journey to bring the client's vision to life. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we developed the Mentat Ai mobile application using Flutter for the user interface, Go for backend functionalities, and OpenAI to power the AI-driven features.

Key Features Developed:

  • Personalized mental health assessment and mood tracker

  • Integration of evidence-based CBT techniques

  • Coping strategies and mindfulness exercises

  • Mood tracking and journaling for progress insights

  • Emotionally intelligent AI for empathetic responses

  • Private journal entry space


The Mentat Ai application successfully transformed the mental health startup's vision into reality. Users now have access to a comprehensive suite of features that empower them to prioritize their mental wellness. The app's AI algorithms adapt content to individual needs, providing personalized support.The application's successful development exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower individuals and transform industries.


Flutter, Go, Firebase, OpenAI.

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