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Design Services

Today's market is all about personal brands, uniqueness, and the power to distinguish from other companies providing the same type of services. And the first step here is to capture the user's attention with a stylish and conceptual application design.

Whether you have a brand book or not, designers at Filin Solutions will prepare relevant color palettes, fonts, symbols, pictures, animations and etc. for your application.

You'll see the mock-ups of how each page of your solution will look before the development starts and can propose corrections or share them with business advisors/partners for their feedback.

UI/UX design can be ordered as a standalone service or included as part of your web/mobile application development, landing page, or CMS.

Our design services encompass:

  • UI/UI design for websites and web apps

  • UI/UX design for mobile native and cross-platform apps

  • Design of landing pages

  • Data visualization

  • Wireframes and prototypes

  • Icons design

  • Logos design

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